Daniel Spilker

June 1st, 2012

USB Micro Connector Breakout Board

Nowadays a lot of devices have a USB micro power plug which means that USB wall charger and cables are everywhere. So why not adding a USB power supply to a DIY project? The 5V and 500mA delivered by USB are sufficient for most projects. To ease prototyping I created a breakout board which carries a USB micro receptacle and a breadboard compatible 2.54mm header.

The following table shows the pinout of the breakout board, which resembles the standard USB pinout. I also added the data pins so that the board can also be used for data connections and not only for power supply. Pin 1 is labeled VBUS on the board and on the right in the picture above.

Pin Name Description
1 VBUS +5V
2 D- Data –
3 D+ Data +
4 ID
5 GND Signal ground

The part list for this project is short. It requires the FCI 10103594-0001LF micro USB receptacle (Digi-Key 609-4050-1-ND) and a standard 5-pin header (Digi-Key 3M9450-ND). The Eagle design files for the PCB can be downloaded from GitHub. Since I could not find an Eagle part for the FCI 10103594-0001LF, I had to make one myself. You can find it in my Eagle library. I used the OSH Park PCB service for manufacturing the boards.

Soldering the USB receptacle with a soldering iron is a little bit difficult, but doable. I used a 0.8mm soldering tip, but a smaller one (<0.5mm) would have done better.